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The London Rectal Clinic (incorporating The London Haemorrhoid Clinic and The London Bariatric Clinic) was established in 2008. Services offered include assessment of all colorectal conditions including Colonoscopy, Bowel Cancer Screening and Polyp assessment. We offer outpatient services including minor surgery onsite at 108. When procedures such as endoscopy and colonoscopy or operations are required this is arranged at partner hospitals.

Our two colorectal consultants are routinely available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so appointments can usually be offered within 24-48 hours. The clinics are designed to lead to a rapid, yet accurate, diagnosis.

During an initial meeting with the consultant surgeon, a thorough history will be taken followed by expert physical examination. Should X-Ray or ultrasound investigation be required, facilities are available onsite at 108 X-Ray and Imaging. Other tests can be undertaken at partner facilities. Once diagnosis has been confirmed, appropriate treatment can be recommended. This treatment will be discussed and agreed with each individual patient, which may involve surgical intervention, or ongoing medical management of the condition.

Multidisciplinary Working
The Consultant team at The London Rectal Clinic offer the best possible assessment of colorectal and general surgical conditions with the support of radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, nurses and other experienced health professionals.

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